A New Kind of Freedom

The main reason why Johann came to the new world was because of the farming. He heard he would get 450 acres so then he had such a chance to make money and have a better house. Also, all religions were legal in Pennsylvania and his was illegal in Germany so he also came for the freedom.

Later on, Johann was satisfied about the decision he made. He was much better off in Pennsylvania and had made many friends from other countries. He loved the land and the way William Penn ran everything.

Molly's dream

Molly is a Scottish 13 year old girl and also is an indentured servant. Her dream is to be just like Mrs.Simmons and run her own business. To make this dream come true, Molly must become a perfect seamstress and have the courage for it. It also must be at least 5 years later because she is not free. She wants her family to live altogether in the U.S.A. after her contract is over and her brother's.

Essential Questions

Why do people move?

People use to move to get away from poverty, religious enforcements and to make new economic opportunities. Nowadays, people usually move just because of jobs. That is why I moved. Back then, there was a lot of open space in the U.S.A so a lot of people moved there. It was their way to make a better life for themselves. It was easy to find a place in the U.S.A because there was so much space and they made money since it was easy to grow crops. That is my background information.


Immigration is when a person comes to a new country to settle. A long time ago, people did it a lot. They moved to get away from religious enforcements, to make new economic opportunities and to get away from poverty. It is a way to make their life better. There was a lot of space in the U.S.A so it was easy to move in and grow crops. Most of the immigrates passed through Ellis Island, New York. 25% of modern Americans can trace back their ancestors to Ellis Island! Even when you go to a country just for vacation, you still have to pass through immigration. Nowadays, people usually move for jobs.
That is what I learned from the Brain pop movie.