The New World Journey

Will we live? I thought. I doubt it. Why is my family so stupid? I mean, we could stay.Plus, I am 20 and could definitely make my own decisions so I would stay. But, my parents said all of us had nothing to lose. Maybe that is true. I think staying is better than dying, obviously. I looked over at the clusters of people waiting for the boat like me. Some happy, some sad and almost crying like me. I didn't think there was anything to be jolly about. Six weeks on a boat? That does not sound exciting.

My mom tried to cheer me up but I kept my head down, hopeless. I miserably watched my tear roll down into the colossal ocean below me. My 16 year old sister, Veronica loaded my dad with questions about what the New World was going to be like. I told her we weren't going to make it but instead she drowned in her "exciting" thoughts. My 19 year old brother, Max didn't care about leaving and just explained that I couldn't stop us from going and that really put me down. People mournfully and some excitingly gathered their stuff.

"See I told you we weren't going to die", my sister told me."You'll see", I snapped back, almost tripping over a hammer. I silently walked over to the railing and flicked an ant off the ship. I felt bad and kind of stupid after. Suddenly, my brother tapped me on the back so I turned around."You alright now"? he asked me. "Yeah, I really wasn't that sick", I replied. "You think we'll make it"? Max asked. " Hopefully, 'cause if we don't then this will all be a waste", I responded." It is an experience, not a waste", my mom sharply told me, coming from behind."Whatever", I said walking away. My mom angrily sighed and Max put his hand on his forehead and scratched his hair. My dad was seasick and the rest of my family was fine. Two other passengers have died. I felt so sad when I heard the news, even though I didn't know them. The food on the ship was not really good but I could live with it.

There was one storm that was really bad. I slipped around everywhere but only got a couple scrapes. Some got really hurt and almost thrown off.

We finally landed!I sat on the soft shore, stretching out my legs and arms like a starfish. "Told you", my sister said kicking a bit of sand on my face. I skillfully jumped back onto my feet and followed after my brother."Where are we going"? I asked."I don't know", Max replied, shrugging. We walked somewhere and then stopped. "Wait", said Max."We shouldn't go by ourselves, we should go with other people so they can help us", he consulted me."True", I agreed. We walked back towards the boat and it wasn't a long journey. We could see a man standing up on a rock and making a speech."If we are going to be successful and survive, then we have to work together", explained the man. "Yeah, let's get to work", said another man, rousing the crowd. So everyone got to work to survive.

Those times on the boat were treacherous. We didn't really have a lot of space and it smelled really bad. It was so boring, too. I was happy we got here but, I am NOT going on a boat ride like that again. We had a hard time sleeping and surviving. It was hard to get our daily needs.

Our colony was doing okay, at least we were surviving. I got pretty good business for a blacksmith, I'd say. My family was okay but, my mother quickly got sick and died within the first month that we got here. But I still think moving was worth it. Back in England, no one ever treated me nicely because of my religion.That's why I moved, even though I told my family we could deal with it. But deep down in my heart, I knew we couldn't. Basically everyone worked most of the day. I was surprised how well our colony worked together. We had meetings every other week and they commonly were well run. One person would be chose to run them each time. The farmers have good batches of good food most of the time so I was usually satisfied. Winter was a real challenge, for shelter and food. Our colony had to hunt more often.

Our colony was still doing good. But things have changed, in a meeting we decided to try and trade with the Natives. We tried and traded a bit but the problem was trust. The fur traders did the trading because they were among the Natives a lot. It was spring and we had a problem, disease was spreading. Many died that Winter and mostly everyone thought the disease came from animals so some became vegetarians. I don't think that was smart because meat is a big source of food here. It is so much better than England, guaranteed. The food is better and there are more things to do here. The Natives say we have to go but we will try to make peace. That better go well.

Everything is good now, I've gotten used to my daily routine. Just making materials and having fun with the Natives. I didn't think the peace plan would work because I've heard rotten things about the Natives, but I don't believe that now. They help us hunt and grow crops. I'm a pretty important part of the colony, even to the Natives. I make good money and love what I do.

Our laws are good and bad. We are not aloud to go explore far off with the Natives. I guess that is about trusting the Natives. But the best law is everyone has to work daily. Everyone should help our colony survive. It will make us be better off for the future. We are good at surviving through the Winter, too.