Curtural Encounters Reflection

In the simulations they helped me understand how hard it was to live back in those times. It also helped me understand that people had to work together for the village to be successful and healthy. They always had to work together to make houses and grow crops.

Reading the books about my job which was a blacksmith helped me understand how important I was to the colony. I thought about how everyone helped each other to have a good business. We all supply each other with materials that we need to make our product. There was a lot of different words for common materials in those days.

The journal entries helped me understand by letting me make character traits of him and how he changes. It let me express him and what his likes and dislikes are.

In this unit I learned all about how the U.S.A came to be what it is now. I learned all about the immigration of Europeans and how hard it was to live when they got there. It wasn't like moving into a house because they had to build one. I learned about how many died in the Winter. I learned about their relationship with the Natives. I learned about many interesting jobs. The colony had to work together as a team.

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